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memorize scripture

Step two: read

READ the verses you are memorizing.


As well, read about the verses. If you study them, you will know better what they say. Then the verses will be more than just words to you. Additionally, you will find the real meaning. Find answers to the questions:

•        Who wrote the Book of the Bible from which the verses are taken?

•        Who is being addressed? For example, is the author addressing God's people in general, a certain church, mature believers, or unbelievers?

•        What is the context in which you find them?

•        What is the meaning of the passage in which the verses are located?

•        What do these verses say about God?

•        What do they say about your relationship with God?

•        Is there a command to be obeyed?


If you want to further study the verses, or if you need further clarification of their meaning, ask yourself :

•        What are the primary verbs and their tenses?

•        Are there words, people, or places in the verses you need to look up to define, identify, learn more about, or further study?

•        Are there any “if...then” statements in the writing? 


The answers to the above questions will help you rightly interpret the verses as well as enrich your understanding of them.

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