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memorize scripture

Step four: ruminate

RUMINATE. If you were raised on the farm like me, when you think of ruminating, you may think of the process a cow performs when it chews its cud! Gross, right? However, according to an online dictionary, one of the meanings for “ruminate” is “to meditate or muse; ponder.”[1]  It is in the meditating, thinking on, and pondering the verses in their context that makes the Scripture verses your own. As well, this action will ultimately help your conduct to be “worthy of the Gospel of Christ” (Philippians 1:27).


Remembering that you are in the Presence of the Holy God, and sincerely ruminating, on the verses invites the Holy Spirit to infuse your thinking and help bring your thoughts and behaviors in alignment with God's Word. This is a special work of God on your behalf.

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