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memorize scripture

Step six: review

What have you wanted to remember that you reviewed over and over? Sometimes I've gone to the store for several items. I mentally alphabetized the list. Then I recited the list while walking from the car, through the parking lot, and as I shopped in the store. The frequent review rewarded me with a satisfying shopping experience because it helped me recall every item to purchase.


REVIEW is the last R In memorizing Scripture. Just as often reciting things we want to remember, once you've learned the verses and their references, review them frequently. It is a good practice to quote them at least once a week to keep the verses fresh in your mind. Moreover, if you wake during the night, that is a great time to review the Scriptures, too!


One of the wonderful advantages of frequently reviewing your memory verses is that you fill your mind and heart with God's Word. This eventually results in renewing your mind God's way so your life can be more full in His Spirit.


After you have been working at the six R's, is one of them more difficult for you than the others? How might you make that one easier as you memorize Scripture? Ask God to help you in that particular area.


God bless you!

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